APOE U19 Publications Database

Cholesterol 25-hydroxylase mediates neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration in a mouse model of tauopathy

Bulk RNA-seq: GSE250277

snRNA-seq: GSE242896

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Apolipoprotein E secreted by astrocytes forms antiparallel dimers in discoidal lipoproteins

CryoEM electron density maps:



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ABCA7 deficiency causes neuronal dysregulation by altering mitochondrial lipid metabolism

Bulk RNA-seq: GSE247360

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Amelioration of Tau and ApoE4-linked glial lipid accumulation and neurodegeneration with an LXR agonist

Mouse bulk: GSE242693

snRNA-seq: GSE242180

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Cell-autonomous effects of APOE4 in restricting microglial response in brain homeostasis and Alzheimer’s disease

scRNA-seq data: GSE241553

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Deconvolution reveals cell-type-specific transcriptomic changes in the aging mouse brain

Bulk transcriptomics data: Syn2580853

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APOE deficiency impacts neural differentiation and cholesterol biosynthesis in human iPSC-derived cerebral organoids

Single-cell RNA-seq: syn30866487

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Dissecting Detergent-Insoluble Proteome in Alzheimer's Disease by TMTc-Corrected Quantitative Mass Spectrometry
LRP1 in vascular mural cells modulates cerebrovascular integrity and function in the presence of APOE4
Alzheimer’s disease-associated U1 snRNP splicing dysfunction causes neuronal hyperexcitability and cognitive impairment

Mouse Brain RNA-seq: GSE115177

Mouse neuronal culture RNA-seq: GSE196872

MS proteomics human aggregated: PXD031587

Mouse aggregated proteome: PXD031581

Mouse neuronal culture proteome: PXD031546

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Opposing effects of apoE2 and apoE4 on microglial activation and lipid metabolism in response to demyelination
TREM2-independent microgliosis promotes tau-mediated neurodegeneration in the presence of ApoE4

Mouse snRNA-seq: GSE206368

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Cholesterol and matrisome pathways dysregulated in astrocytes and microglia

RNA sequencing data SuperSeries: GSE190188

RNA sequencing data from human iPSC-derived APOE brain cells: GSE190187

RNA sequencing data from human iPSC-derived isogenic APOE brain cells: GSE190185

RNA sequencing data from mouse primary mouse Apoe glial cells: GSE190186

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29-Plex tandem mass tag mass spectrometry enabling accurate quantification by interference correction
MS proteomics: PXD033865
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Deep Single-Cell-Type Proteome Profiling of Mouse Brain by Nonsurgical AAV-Mediated Proximity Labeling
TREM2 interacts with TDP-43 and mediates microglial neuroprotection against TDP-43-related neurodegeneration

MS proteomics: PXD029429

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Preparation of single cell suspensions enriched in mouse brain vascular cells for single-cell RNA sequencing

Single-cell RNA seqeuncing data: syn2580853

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