Core C: Neuropathology Core

The Neuropathology Core provides neuropathologic support to the projects and cores of the U19. A major focus is on assessing the impact of APOE genotype on comorbid pathologies in Alzheimers disease and other aging-related conditions. The brain banks at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and Washington University in St. Louis are the major sources of human postmortem brain samples used in the cores and projects. These brain samples, fully characterized to evaluate aging- and AD-related molecules, are crucial in analyses of biochemical and biophysical properties of brain apoE-lipoprotein particles and for proteomic and transcriptomic studies. The role of APOE genotype in comorbid or mixed pathology is being  assessed to investigate neuropathologic phenotypes associated with novel genetic modifiers of APOE risk. Core C also assists investigators in histologic and neuropathologic assessments of animal models and cellular models. Using state-of-the-art methods, such as digital pathology and confocal microscopy, the Neuropathology Core seeks to address critical knowledge gaps in our collective efforts to understand why APOE genotype has a profound effect on risk for AD and other ageing-related conditions.

Core C Principal Investigators