Preparation of Feeder-Free iPSC Culture
iPSC Cell Culture – Maintenance and Expansion
iPSC Freezing
Characterization of iPSC

Neural Induction for Neural Progenitors, Neurons, and Astrocytes

Preparation of Tissue Culture Plates for Neural Rosettes and Neural Progenitors
Neural Aggregate Formation
Neural Rosette Formation and Selection
Neural Progenitor Expansion
Neural Progenitor Banking
Neural Rosette Banking
Thawing Rosettes and NPC
Differentiation of NPC into Cortical Neurons
iPSC Cortical Differentiation

Seamless Genome Editing of iPSC

Genomic Editing of iPSC
Footprint-Free Genome Editing of iPSC Using Alt-R CRISPR/Cas9
Nucleofection of iPSC
Serial Dilution of Nucleofected iPSC Pools
Picking Clones
Splitting 96 Well Plates for gDNA Extraction and Continuing Culture
Splitting 96 Well Plates for gDNA Extraction and Freezing Down
Screening Edited iPSC Clones
iPSC gDNA Extraction for Screening Edited Clones
iPSC PCR for Screening Edited Clones
iPSC Restriction Digest for Screening Edited Clones
Sanger Sequencing
Thawing iPSC Plate


Differentiation of iPSC into Microglia-Like Cells (iMGL)


Thawing, Expanding, and Freezing Human Fibroblasts


An Efficient Platform for Astrocyte Differentiation from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Cerebral Organoids

For information on Cerebral Organoid culture, please refer to ELAVL4, splicing and glutamatergic dysfunction precede neuron loss in MAPT mutation cerebral organoids