Core D: Biomarker Core

The Biomarker Core supports other U19 projects and cores by distributing plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples as well as conducting the biomarker assessments in the fluid biospecimens. Since syndromal Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is diagnosed as a clinical consequence of several pathogenic processes, a biological characterization through biomarkers is essential for predicting disease onset and progression as well as understanding the mechanisms underlying its symptoms. Human clinical and animal studies increasingly have demonstrated that apoE is involved in the pathogenesis of age-related cognitive decline and AD. Thus, the Biomarker Core investigates how apoE biochemical properties (amount, lipidation, aggregation and post-translational modification) and APOE genotype influence established and emerging biofluid-marker levels for AD. Combining biomarker measurements might allow us to predict the disease progression in a more precise manner.

Core D Principal Investigators